Tuesday, August 23, 2011


     Well, since my last post, much has happened. In my latest post, I talked about a lot going on with promises in the "Mind on Tuscaloosa" movement I was taken part in. Behind the scenes of it all, though, I found myself in a place I never expected to see myself in again. I found myself in bars, getting drunk, and not being myself whatsoever. With the morals I was raised with, I knew better. I was just in the spur of the moment, and allowed things to happen in my life. Many things have changed since then.
     Bo Black, the guy I was hanging out with during these times, decided to take me up on my invite to Church of the Highlands. Now, it seems I just follow people around, and that was the case at the time. But, now I have found the strength to stand on my own. Anyways, from there, the "Movement to Get Sean Rivers to perform at Bama Rising" became "Movement to Get Bo Black Closer to God." And, from there, the rest is history.
     Two months later, and we're both in ministry now. Who would've thought that three months ago, we were in the bars, and now we're working together in ministry? 
     My life's purpose has become so clear through it all, and I'm blessed to say that I'm remembering my first love like never before!!