Monday, August 27, 2012

God is amazing!

     The title says it best. God is truly amazing. I don't know how I can possibly say more. In the months since my last post, so much has happened. God has opened the door to so many different opportunities. He has truly blessed me. Here's a small highlight of some new things happening in my life recently.

  • The time has come to put the past behind me. Whenever I was in elementary school, I wore hearing aids. It was the worst thing ever. It caused no air to flow throw my ears, and with zero pressure reaching your inner ear, you start to talk nasally. Because of it, I got made fun of in school. People would always tell me I talked funny, and rather "loonie" as some may call it. Since then, I've further the process of getting new hearing aids made, and making sure that people's opinions no longer have an affect on me. Galations 1:10 encouraged me to fix my priorities as far as what people say and what God says. What God says is a lot more important, and God says that I am created in His image, therefore I am His righteousness, and nothing can seperate me from Him. Because He has delivered on His promises, I find the confidence to move forward for many reasons. One, I can hear. Two, I can understand more. And, three, I can experience what others are experiencing by not missing out on potential life-changing opportunities. 
  • I go to the most life-giving church ever. Since starting Church of the Highlands about a year and a half ago, I've found my purpose in ministry. With the strategic classes and internship, I have seen my calling put to test as I am placed in position to lead people with excellence. Excellence is the assurance of top notch quality with great results. With the mindset of excellence, you see lives change. I've witnessed it first hand. 
  • Finally, the people in my life have made life worth living. Yes, the LORD is first and foremost, above all, yet if God builds His Kingdom relationally, then it matters who you have in your life. Recently, I had the honor and privilege to take a youth man under my wing, and lead him in the ways of the LORD. Although I'm not perfect, nor fit for the position, God used me to help him in a huge way. Risking it all, even to incarceration, I made sure that I did whatever I could to help this kid out. It paid off. He got saved, completely covered in the grace of God, and is now pursuing ministry at Highlands College (the college my church founded). Seeing his life changed changed my own life. It was the spark I needed to know that being involved with people can not only help them, but it can help yourself, too.
     With all that being said, you can see why God gets all the glory. With man, all this would be impossible. But, with God, ALL things are possible. And let me leave with this one verse:
"...because God is by my side, I will not be shaken." Psalm 16:8
Walk in this confidence daily!