Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Season of Preparation

     A lot of times I feel as if I'm left out of a lot. Maybe it's a social gathering. A bunch of friends hanging out.  I've always been an incredibly social person, so to not be invited to gatherings or hangouts can definitely make me feel alone. Growing up throughout elementary and middle school, I was the constant rejected student. I had no friends whatsoever, and prayed every single night for God to give me at least one best friend. I didn't get my first real best friend until I was in college.
     As I see all these pictures of friends hanging out, and knowing I didn't get invited, enemy always places in my head doubt. Doubt that the people that say they're my friend, are not. I'm reminded of my rejected days. And, as I remember those days, the Holy Spirit begins to speak to me in that friend's voice only He has. He tells me, " As the same before, I'm preparing you for something greater."
     Recently, I've realized that now is not the time to be social. Now is my time to tap into what God has been trying to reveal to me all along. He has been trying to prepare me for something greater than I can imagine; I've just been so socially active to slow down and realize it. As my nights come to close, I find myself watching podcasts or reading the One year bible, and it's been the most rewarding moments of my day. I can have the most stressful day at work, or maybe be stressed about some life issues, but the moment I hear or read God's word, I'm instantly transformed.
     Maybe this is your season of preparation. You just graduated college, and now you're looking for a job but it seems as if there's no luck. You're stressed because your lease is up next month, and you don't know what to do next. You're so worried about God's will for your life. You're not alone; God's will is everyone's question. As Pastor Steven Furtick once said, "If you want to know God's will, you have to know God's ways." So, allow God to prepare the way for you, and He'll lead you right to where you need to be. You may feel alone, rejected, or left out, but God is preparing you for a greater purpose. You were made for more than what you're thinking.
     God bless you all!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Revelation from WBC

     This past weekend, I had the opportunity to counter-protest what culture has branded "America's Most Hated family." Westboro Baptist Church was in Tuscaloosa protesting the University of Alabama, stating that the tornado was God's wrath upon Tuscaloosa. They've been known to protest soldier funerals and other major events in the United States.
     While I stood among other local Tuscaloosa residents, we counter protested the same way they did; by making our voices heard. Some said derogatory things while others exposed the TRUE love of God. The following words left my mouth, and pierced my own heart: "God forgave me, He can forgive you, too." As I said those words, it was as if God hit me in the face with a brick. Whoa! How many times have I lived in condemnation of my sin thinking it was too much for God to forgive? Too many times to count! The same love Westboro is searching for is the same love I found Saturday afternoon.
     For those who feel condemned, God hasn't given up on you. He's longing to be with you. What good is a relationship when it's only one way? How loved would you feel if you have everything in a relationship only to get nothing back? I know we all have questions, but the answers are in the experience. Get to know God's supernatural presence, THEN work on yourself. The Scripture says to, first, submit yourself to God. That means seek FIRST the Kingdom, and His righteousness. Then, resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Don't wait to get your act together first. Come to Jesus first, and allow Him to help.
     God bless you all!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Vision of Life

     I've been a Christian now for 13 years, and been faithfully serving God in ministry for about ten of those years. Although those numbers may sound as if Wisdom and knowledge flows, that couldn't be furthest from the truth. I'm still learning everyday, and of course, it's been a challenge. I find my strength in knowing that God doesn't tempt me beyond what I can handle, and it's proven so in so many situations in my life. 
     About six months ago, I had a vision. Growing up, I didn't have a Christian family. My grandmother took me to a small Baptist church, and then later on a Pentecostal church. My grandmother was the woman I looked to for spiritual guidance. Back to the vision. I envisioned that I was standing in the back of my church's office complex, and I saw my mom at the very front. In the vision, I had knowledge that the room was full of people, but it was also as if my mom was the only one in the room. I only saw her. And, basically, I saw my mom swaying back and worth as if she was dancing with Jesus. If you know my mom, you know she has long, flowing hair. For some reason, God placed a huge emphasis on my mom's hair, because the way her hair swayed signified the passion my mom had to worship Jesus. My mom danced with Jesus, and that's the only way I can describe the vision. 
     Recently, my mom went through some intense times, and she told me she was so ready to have purpose. Unfortunate circumstances in the past held her back, and she wants to make it right now. I write this note to encourage those who are desperate for something. Maybe your life hasn't been what you wanted it to be. Don't let that be an excuse to live. You have a purpose. I can't express that enough. My mom, she has an incredible purpose. My mom, she is my angel, and the rock that has held me together when all I wanted to so was fall apart. Jesus had always been there, too, but God used my mom for those special moments, too. 
     Even as I type this, I am in tears, because I know that I have friends that are so lost and desperate. Family members, too. And I want you to know, there is hope. You were not a mistake. I hope this encourages someone today. Allow God to reveal Himself to you like never before. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013


This past week was rather challenging. It's as if the enemy has strategically done everything, literally everything to tear me down. 

  • My job I had for a year laid me off. I had done everything professionally possible in order to make a smooth transition to my new job, yet the management went ahead and laid me off. This led to a small "freak out" due to much financial strain. Of course, like all new jobs, it takes a while to get that first paycheck. And, of course the enemy placed a fear in my mind. But, I had to remind him of my little Friend, Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides all my needs. 
  • I attended a retreat in Birmingham this past weekend. It was absolutely life-changing. The purpose of the LIFE retreat was to teach you how to live in freedom everyday, and to equipped you to live it out. Through the retreat, I found that freedom I craved. Forgave people. Forgave myself. Moved on. When I returned, the enemy was waiting on me. Instantly, he reminded me of my past. But, I had to remind him of my little Friend, Jehovah Nissi, the God who IS my victory. 
     Recently, I read a blog that brought much truth to my life. I constantly asked myself "If I'm saved, then why do I still struggle?" Before I was saved, I was just a reckless, dead soul. After I got saved, I was made alive. In the blog, it answered my question. The very fact that I'm alive is the answer that I struggle. A dead person can't struggle. A corpse can stress over things. It's dead. 
     So, if you have been going through the same thing, let this shine some light in your life. You're not alone, and you have an Intercessor who goes before you, and fights for you.