Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Physical Faith!

     Want to know about faith? Faith is something you can't see. You don't feel it, either, nor do you taster. Faith is the belief of something that has no evidence of existence, at least from a physical standpoint. But, what if I told you that you can see faith... physically. You can see it in nature, and more than anything, in people. Here's my story:
      This past Sunday marked a HUGE moment in my life, although it may seem small for others. As I'm asleep in my bed, with my alarm set for church, my dad comes into my brother and I's room, and asked me a question I never thought he'd ask. "What time does your church service start?" I almost fell out of my bed. Was I dreaming? Pinch me. No, this is real life. My pops has always claimed to be a Christian, but had never been the one to initiate an invitation to church. After asking me the question that left me dumb-founded, he turned to my brother and told him to get up and get ready for church. "We're going to church." Seriously? IS. THIS. REAL. LIFE?? 
     Although my pops didn't go to my church that morning, he did go to his wife's church, where his father-in-law is the pastor. That's a start! 
     This leads me to my point of physical faith. From the moment my dad woke me up to the time I walked out of the door to go to my church, I SAW my dad enthusiastic, energetic, and almost like a giddy kid in a candy store. He looked... happy. His face lit up. His attitude was on top of the world. He was the definition of JOY! And, even afterwards, he told me he truly enjoyed the service (yet trying to get used to all the welcoming handshakes and hugs). 
     Physical faith is evidence that someone's life is truly changing. You see it. Others see it. It's contagious! I see my dad changing, and I see the vision I've had come one step closer to completion! Before I die, I WILL see my family serve TOGETHER in the house of the LORD!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Let God be God...

     Ever since I joined the ministry back in 2007, I've come to realize just how passionate I am about people. I find myself constantly "carrying the burden of others" as the Scripture tells us to do in which we fulfill the law. Throughout the process of trying to fulfill the law, I begin to allow certain situations, or people, to become an addiction. Many times, we can become SO involved into someone's life that we get in the way of what God wants to do in their life. We stand in His way. 
     The mom from "Diary of a Mad, Black Woman" once said "God has the power to show you who God is." Whenever I heard those words, I was left speechless. We deprive Him of that power when we try to take that position in someone's life. I'm having to learn the hard way, since I'm hard-headed, that I cannot be there for everything. I'm slowly learning that just because I'm not constantly around the people I want to help doesn't mean I can't live life to the fullest. 
     If you ever want to lead a successful life as a leader to many, you have to learn how to rest. "Rest? What's that?" I know, I ask the same question everyday. But, if you're constantly going and going, and never take time for yourself, you'll find yourself in a place of constant exhaustion, and you'll never effectively lead anyone. I hope this encourages others like it does me!