Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Are you available?

     Romans 8:28- "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

     When I think about what has happened over the past month, I can't help but notice that God has blessed me with so much. And, it's even Scriptural to say I now understand why I've been blessed so much. I love God. I do His will. I get blessed. And, ever since April 27, 2011, I have definitely seen a share of blessing come into my life.
     It wasn't until just recently when I started to really see a new side of things in life. Going into this weekend, I was a complete stranger to some people. Now, I have GREAT friends already there for me. And, I have God to thank for every bit of this.
     Today, I got a call from my good friend, Bo Black, the creator of "Movement to get Sean Rivers to perform at Bama Rising" on Facebook (find it, "like" it, and join the movement). Going into Sunday of last weekend, I only knew this dude through Facebook. But, when he called me today, he had some AMAZING news that I wasn't even expecting. A woman who joined the movement had donated over $400+ of spa supplies to the Movement. Not only that, but this page has reached to places OUTSIDE of Alabama and the United States. I am completely amazed as to how God has been using Bo these past couple of weeks! I'm even more speechless to know that God is going to lead Bo, and Sean, to higher measures here in the next couple of weeks.
     I say all of this just to simply say that when you align yourself with the will of God, great things begin to happen. When I started to seek God more for His general direction in my life, I ran into Bo and Sean. And, they have helped me in ways they'll never know. I'm thankful for such friends. Not only them, but the other friends I've come to know along the way. Allie Logan, for one. I've only met her twice, and she has a heart of gold. She's got the personality of someone who never meets a stranger. 
     Anyways, I'm just rambling. Nothing relevant. Just stay in the will of God, and see where He takes you!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Response to "My Mind on Tuscaloosa" Music Video

     If you haven't yet, view the "My Mind on Tuscaloosa" music video before proceeding to the note:

     Now that the true emotions are rolling, I want to blog my response to this video. Sunday, May 22, 2011, was a day I would never forget, aside from April 27. I pulled up into the University Mall parking lot as a volunteer for the music video. Little did I know that I'd get more out of it than I expected. I met Loryn's family, Sean, and Bo for the first time. I'll be lying if I told you I wasn't nervous. I was extremely nervous. But, when I started talking to DeWayne Mims at the site of what used to be Loryn Brown's home, I found out quickly I was in a safe place. As I watched the video get filmed, I experienced myself the raw, genuine emotions. To see Loryn's friends and family around really made me see what it was like to have true friends and a loving family (not that I don't already have a loving family). 
     This morning, I woke up to a note tagged to my page, and it was from Sean. As I read it, my heart swelled as well as my eyes, as I found myself crying once again for the 100th time in a week. So, I message my good friend, Bo, and told him that note had me. I wasn't prepared for what Bo would ask me: "Have you seen the music video yet?" My heart sunk! I seriously had to brace myself. Bo warned me. And, I watched the video. As tears streamed down my face, I watched Loryn's mom talk about Loryn's life and possessions. And, as I watched Loryn's mom cry on that music video, I saw a mother of strength, even in time of tragedy.
     Next moment, I hear Allie Logan's voice, and I remember standing right behind the camera man at this moment. And, as Allie poured her heart out, I saw genuine friends. To see this video, it warmed my heart to know that there are people out there who DO care. Whenever I first met Sean, there was no question of his sincerity. I do not believe Sean wants fame. I do not believe Sean is doing any of this for publicity purposes. I truly believe Sean is doing this to be the voice for Tuscaloosa. He is doing this to raise awareness for the victims of the April 27 tornado. Sean said it best when he quoted in his song "the storm may have made our population smaller, but the biggest thing it did was make all of us stronger." Sean wrote this song to be the strength of those who didn't have the strength to carry on. This song helped establish some hope for people, to let them know it's not over. We will rebuild. We will recover. We are TUSCALOOSA!!
     If anybody would like to donate, all procedes go to storm victims, and the Loryn Brown Scholarship Foundation. NO MONEY is used for Sean or for anything of personal use. After spending the day with Sean Sunday, money is the LAST thing on his mind. Sean's mind is on Tuscaloosa. And, Sunday, I saw that to be sure!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Mind on Tuscaloosa

     So, today, I met Sean Rivers, writer and performer of the YouTube new hit, "My Mind of Tuscaloosa." Initially, when I heard this song, I thought of the people hurt, the people who lost everything. Today, when I heard Sean Rivers play and sing the song, I SAW those people. As I stood amongst of what remained of "the sweetest girl" Loryn Brown's home where she took shelter from the tornado, I saw her family standing nearby. It broke my heart to see the hurt. But, once I started talking with her parents, I started seeing a side of mourning and grief that I've never seen before. As I told Loryn's mother today, "You are a model character of strength. And it is such an honor to be here today with you guys." I was standing amongst a group of people who have strength and hope more than I've ever seen before. And, as I watched as the music video unfolded, I saw the raw emotions of Loryn's friend, the ones she was so close to. I talked to one of Loryn's friends today, and she told me that her and Loryn were to have taco night the night of the storm. To hear these stories, it breaks my heart. Yet, it gives me hope to see the strength of these people. Today, I stood with people who had one thing in mind: Tuscaloosa. Rebuilding Tuscaloosa. With all the filming and volunteering, I have seen a new side of Tuscaloosa. And, I am forever grateful for it.
     So, now I have a few people to thank. First of all, I would like to thank Loryn's parents for hanging out with us today. I don't know if they'll ever see this blog, but it means so much to me to get to know them today, and pray with them, and to just soak in the life which Loryn had. God bless you guys!!
     Sean Rivers. I do not even know where to start. Ever since you posted the video "My Mind on Tuscaloosa," I have seen such a genuine, legitimate person come from that. I see that you don't want fame, yet you're very talented in that area. You are a voice for people still in Tuscaloosa, and for those not. I'm so blessed to call you my brother, and can only pray we are able to rebuild Tuscaloosa together!! 
     Bo Black. Dude, you started a movement, and now you're behind the scenes of so much that is going on with the whole "My Mind on Tuscaloosa" movement. Meeting you today was a God-appointment. I truly believe it. Keep doing what you're doing, Bo!! You're changing the world for the better!!
     Lena Boeckmann. You and I go wayyy back!! Haha. It was great hanging out with you today. I'm glad we got to catch up, and chill, and just ride around a bit. You're still the crazy chick I've always known!! :D
     And, for the rest of the group who hung out today- You guys are amazing. I am so blessed to call you all my friend. And, I hope we can all get together more often, and hang out!! 
     When I hear "My Mind on Tuscaloosa," I hear a voice of hope. A strength to stand. I hear God calling us to leave behind what separates us with religion, race, creed, etc. And, to gather hands, and lets rebuild Tuscaloosa!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Moving Up and Moving On

This past week has been very nerve-racking to me. I have found peace in Almighty God, though. Even though so much junk has happened in the past month, I have found it easy to so easily rest in Jesus Christ. I've met some new people that have imprinted my life with such an inspiration, I don't know what to do. My heart swells from the support I've received this past week, especially from those who call me friend. I've found the strength to go into my friend's list, and delete people I never thought I'd delete as a move to further my relationship with God. It has been an amazing feeling to feel the burden lift from my shoulder. The people I so came to love became the very people who eventually turned their backs on me. With the new family I now have, I see a new life for myself. I see a group of people there to lift me up when I am down. I see a group of brothers to pray for me. I see a group of brothers to keep me accountable. And, I see a city on the verge of revival. I pray others see this, and will stand to join the movement. May God bless you all.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Two Weeks Anniversary

     It's been two weeks since the April 27th tornado ripped through my hometown of Tuscaloosa. The progress I've seen the past two weeks have been amazing. The joining of the Churches and God's people as well as civilians has been nothing short of a state-effort to rebuild our cities. I pray we can still go into this headstrong, and come our stronger than ever. Until next time...

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Wake of the Storm

     This week has been the most emotional week of my life. Wednesday, April 27, 2011 will be a day I NEVER forget. A categorized EF-5 tornado ripped through my city, destroying everything in its path. It's gotten me to the point where I'm literally waiting to wake up from this dream. I cannot believe what I've seen to be real life. But, since this is the reality of it, I have friends and family without a home right now, and I've lost friends that I've graduated with. It has killed me from within to see the devastation.
     The one thing I hold onto more than anything is my faith in Jesus Christ. I do believe this happened for a reason, and that is to awaken my town to things we've been blind to before. I just know that in the midst of this storm, I have Jesus in my boat. He is my comfort and joy in my time of need. I pray that whoever sees this post will be blessed, and will have faith and hope in knowing that greater things are coming. I'm reminded of Job, when he lost everything, he gained so much more after his "storms."
     God bless America. God bless Alabama. And, God bless Tuscaloosa, my home.