Monday, August 26, 2013

God's love... Please read.

     This summer was a real eye opener. In the midst of confusion and chaos, it seemed as if the end was no where in sight. It's in those moments where people think in their mind that this is all there is to life. They couldn't be furthest from the truth. 
     God's love is never far away. His love is always near. Our view of God's love usually comes from our human perspective of what love is. But, human love is nearly that... Human. Flawed. Misunderstood. But, God's love isn't something we throw around to make ourselves feel better. Love is a person; and His name is Jesus. 
     When the word "love" comes to mind, we think of past hurts, past regrets, and sometimes our initial response is to run. As I listen to this song "Dearly Loved," I'm reminded that I am loved, and that the God who knows everything about me still loves me. There's not a single error in your life that can distant you from the love of God. He's with you wherever you go; you cannot flee Him. That's the beauty of God's love. 
     Someone out there is reading this, and they're thinking "This dude is crazy. God can't love me. I'm one screwed up dude." Reality check- we all are. If God can love someone who persecuted His own people to the point of killing them, He can love you in your struggles and addictions. I pray and hope people read this, and realize the Father's love for them. God bless.